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TIMANTTI / DIAMOND English Guide ENG / Englanninkielinen versio

TIMANTTI / DIAMOND English Guide ENG / Englanninkielinen versio

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The DIAMOND knitting instructions are a PDF version that will be sent to your email after payment. Remember to leave your email address when ordering :)

DIAMOND sweater is a wonderful sweater to knit. No long thread runs and not many rounds of three colors. Most of the patterns in the curve pattern are made with two colors.That's why the sweater is also suitable for beginner knitters. A timeless and beautiful model.

The guide is clear and easy to read.

The sweater is made of Lettlopi yarn, which is 100% Icelandic wool yarn.

An authentic Icelandic sweater is knitted from Icelandic Lopi yarns, the production of which has a long tradition in Iceland.

The sweater is knitted from the bottom up.

Sizes S (M,L,XL,XXL)

Circle needles: 3,5mm 80cm, 4,5mm 40 and 80cm

Knitting needles: 3,5mm ja 4.5mm

Other supplies you need are stitch markers, scrap yarn and measuring tape.


Chest girth 93 (98, 102, 107, 111) cm

Bottom length form armpit to hem 42 (43, 44, 45, 46) cm

Sleeve length 49 (50, 51, 52, 53) cm

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